Our company owned and operated fleet runs 1,500,000 miles a year and never skips a beat.

of Good Service.

At the heart of our transportation team is our drivers. Thayer Drivers have an average tenure of eight years with the company. 

We're very selective of who gets to put on the Thayer uniform because our drivers have more interaction with our clients than any other member of our team. Our drivers are more than drivers; they are ambassadors of good service.  If you haven't interacted with a Thayer driver yet, prepare to be spoiled.

A Step
Ahead Of The Rest.

If our drivers are the stars of the transportation team, our equipment is the best supporting actor.

We lease from leading national suppliers which allows us to keep our fleet clean, modern, and well maintainedThat's important to you because newer equipment breaks down less which translates to more reliable service. 

Using Advanced Equipment
To Deliver Superior Service.

Our trailers feature lift gates for customers that don't have a loading dock. All of our trailers are equipped with electric pallet jacks for a safe and easy delivery experience.  Additionally, our entire fleet is temperature controlled which allows us to maintain product quality despite the harsh elements.

Safety For All
On The Road.

Our fleet is prepared to drive in all situations including sever winter conditions. 

We've been successfully delivering in tricky weather for more than thirty years. To ensure proper safety for everyone on the road, all of our power units feature traction control. We also have a Reed Screed, a trailer roof snow removal device, used on our trucks after heavy snowfall.  

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