Thayer Distribution Warehouse

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Thayer operates out of two state of the art distribution centers strategically located in New Jersey, providing delivery service to fourteen Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states

 Thayer Distribution Warehouse

Thayer Distribution- Gibbstown 

Our Headquarter location is based in Southern New Jersey. This facility features approximately 5,000,000 cubic feet of storage. Just 20 minutes outside of Philadelphia, this Distribution Center provides delivery service to the following 14 states: NJ, NY, PA, MD, DE, VA, WV, OH, CT, RI, MA, NH, VT, ME.


333 Swedesboro Ave. 
Gibbstown, NJ 08027


 Thayer Distribution Warehouse

Thayer Distribution- Metro 

Our Northern New Jersey facility is located right out side of New York City. This facility features 2,500,000 cubic feet of storage. We offer a cash-n-carry service that is open 6 days a week (closed Sunday's) and next day delivery service to the New York Metro area.

phone: 855.999.4271

7001 Roustein Ave. 
North Bergen, NJ 07047

Cash and Carry Hours:

Monday-Friday: 7:00am-3:00pm

Saturday: 7:30am-11:00am 

The Floating Warehouse 

Our warehouse management system tracks all products in our facilities. At the time of receiving, every pallet is assigned a dynamic storage location based on cubic needs, and other considerations like weight, expiration date, and heat sensitivity. Once the product is assigned a storage location, it will remain in that slot until it is the oldest product in the facility. This system assures consistent rotation of products which means clients get the freshest product in our warehouse every time, guaranteed. This system also allows us to share current expiration dates of our inventory with manufacturers and customers in real time. 

Warehouse Management System

Our state of the art warehouse management system (WMS), analyzes each order and determines how many pallets an order should be. The system determines exactly how to build each pallet by grouping items into density ranges. This ensures that light, fragile products are placed on top of heavier denser products. Thayers WMS allows us to print out delivery receipts that tell our customers exactly which pallet a particular product can be found on. This system expedites the receiving process.

Batch Picking System

Thayer’s custom written batch pick system works by pulling the items for multiple customer orders together at once. While this allows Thayer to operate extremely efficiently, the added benefit to our customers is our order accuracy. The batch pick system is self-checking. Each batch pick creates a mini inventory that is used to fulfill the orders for a particular batch. As a result, when a batch pick is finished, Thayer managers are notified of any shortages or overages in the batch. This means we find any order picking errors before your order is shipped. 

Radio Frequency Terminals

All warehouse employees use radio frequency terminals that direct them to their next task. Our radio frequency terminals allow us to verify correct products by utilizing an attached bar code ring scanner. By integrating scanning into each facet of the order pulling process, Thayer is able to remove any human error and ensure product accuracy for every order shipped.

Pallet Wrapping Stations

Our pallet wrapping stations allows for a consistent shrink wrap of all outbound customer order pallets. Proper shrink wrapping helps prevent product damages during transit from our facility which keeps costs down for the entire supply chain. Our pallet wrapping stations also feature an imaging system developed by Thayer that takes high-resolution images of every pallet as it is wrapped. This system allows us to visually track the location of every product should questions arise about missing product.


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